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1526, Wimborne Road, Kinson, Bournemouth, Dorset  BH11 9AF
Telephone: 01202 572626 or Email: mike@elliesdolls.co.uk

Monique Wigs As a registered Monique distributor we hold over 2000 wigs in stock in popular styles, sizes and colours.

Monique Shoes We also stock 100s of Monique shoes, socks and eyelashes.
Any item from the Monique range not on our shelves can always be speedily obtained.
For the full Monique range visit their web site
Seeleys A wide range of colours/sizes always in stock.
  • Slip, paints and media
  • Brushes and tools
  • Strung composition bodies

Worksheets, moulds, patterns and unusual items can be supplied to order.

Eyes We have eyes in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.
  • Acrylic budget eyes for simpler dolls
  • Lifelike acrylic, offering a great value for money option
  • The complete colour and size range of the top quality Real Eyes
  • Good selection of glass eyes for special or antique reproduction dolls
  • Glass teddy bear eyes

Greenware We have hundreds of moulds from which we provide carefully poured greenware.  We can pour in a variety of coloured slips.  For a copy of our latest greenware list please give us a call as we are always adding new moulds.

Miscellaneous Ellie's Doll Workshop brushes, shoulder plate connectors, stringing elastic, neck buttons, teddy bear joints, armatures, eye setting wax and plaster, cleaning items, eye bevellers, hooks, mohair (wefted and processed), small haberdashery items, knitting pins, patterns.

For our current price list please phone or Email us.


For more information on any subject please contact Mike or Lesley Edwards
Telephone: 01202 572626 or Email: mike@elliesdolls.co.uk